Rocky Point Mexico

Rocky Point, Mexico is a resort area that is located on the Sea of Cortez in the Baja Peninsula. Locals call it Puerto Penasco, Mexico. The area is also sometimes called Arizona’s beach because it is closest to the Arizona city of Phoenix and it is only around 60 miles from the U.S. border. The area is a small fishing village with many hotels, resorts, and houses to accommodate visitors. Tourism is very important to the economy of this area of Mexico, and those who work at resorts and lodging facilities usually provide excellent service to visitors. The area is a relaxing, family-oriented vacation spot that is often visited by those who live in Arizona or California.

Rocky Point MexicoU.S. citizens who go from these states into Mexico must pass through customs when they leave the U.S. Vehicles may be waved through to move forward if the light is green, or, all vehicles may need to wait in line for agents to inspect cars. There are restrictions of what can be brought into Mexico, and anything of value will be taxed. Payment must be made to the bank at that time, and a receipt is provided to the visitor. Anything illegal, such as Cuban cigars, will be confiscated, and the traveler may be fined.

Rocky Point is a desert area with very little rainfall that averages around two inches a year. It is actually cooler than Phoenix in the summer season, averaging 10 to 20 degrees cooler than the American city. In the winter, it is a slight bit warmer than Phoenix. Temperatures in the summer months of July and August are hot and humid. The beach is often busy with tourists and locals at this time, especially with families whose children have the summer off from school. The water temperature in the summer months is around 85 degrees. The months of January, February, March, and December bring temperatures in the 50s, and water temperatures are much cooler as well.

There are many different beach and water activities available in Rocky Point. Kayaking is a popular sport, and sea kayaks can be rented at several spots in Puerto Penasco. There are paddle types, as well as the patented Hobie Mirage Drive pedal kayak. It is possible to take lessons or take tours on the Sea of Cortez. Another activity that many visitors enjoy is browsing through the shops at Cholla Mall. There are over 30 stores with interesting clothing and items that reflect the culture of the Mexican people, as well as modern garments. Venders who sell items near the resorts and hotels also have souvenirs and other collectibles and clothing that tourists may want to purchase.

Visitors also enjoy taking a driving tour along Cholla Bay with its beautiful ocean views. Interesting and colorful houses are built along the bay. There is a small village that is a mixture of wealthy and very poor residents. Many of the homes in the area are owned by U.S. citizens who travel to the Bay area on weekends. Availability of water to the area was once a problem, but water trucks deliver water to homes. Also, Wi-Fi is available in some areas. Visitors can sometimes rent a condo or house that is not currently occupied by the owners.

The U.S. Department of State has issued a travel warning for U.S. citizens considering travel to any area of Mexico. Violence and drug wars have unfortunately affected the normally peaceful and beautiful border areas that are close to the U.S. as drug cartels compete to bring drugs into America. Some tourists, especially those who own homes in Mexico, continue to travel over the border. Travel agencies plan trips to the country, and airlines continue to fly their regular routes, making travel to Rocky Point a possibility for anyone who wants to go there.